About POP

Party on Potton has been running now for over 20 years, the first event being the Millennium! It is a not for profit organisation whose main objective is to organise a major community event for the residents of Potton and surrounding villages every other year, with mini fund raising events occurring during the in-between years.

“By the community, for the community” 

Party on Potton’s BIG WEEKEND is an event which is run by a committee of people from within the local community, supported by local volunteers.  Our guiding principles are: 

  • Support the community: 

We look for opportunities to showcase and support local businesses and organisations wherever possible, whether that be through purchasing their supplies for our bars and BBQs, providing them with a platform at The Big Weekend to market themselves or by providing a bar and/or BBQ service at their events wherever possible.  We also make donations to local charitable causes, particularly following the conclusion of The Big Weekend.  

  • Be accessible: 

An important principle in the planning of the Big Weekend is that day time activities are free for everyone.  Whilst evening events will require the purchase of tickets, this approach means that each and every family can come down during the day time and take part in the fun within their community, without worrying about the cost.  

  • Sustainable: 

Whilst we will make charitable donations, we will also aim to keep a cash balance to pass over to the next committee that helps to ensure that Party on Potton is in a strong position to bring about the next Big Weekend.