Sponsorship / Donations/ Raffle Prizes

One of the major ways POP raise their funds for The Big Weekend is by running Mobile Bars for private events, we all work as volunteers and any profits made from an event go towards our Weekend.

The weekend can cost anything from £40,000 upwards and all this money is raised either as mentioned above, varies other smaller events put on such as quizzes and picnic’s in the park or by ticket sales for the evening entertainment at the Big Weekend.

Our aim is that this a community event,  where everyone can come together and get involved, and for this to happen we provide all the Day Time Activities COMPLETELY FREE!


So as you can imagine the last two years due to COVID have been near impossible for us to raise any funds, but we believe this year more than ever our Big Weekend is essential for all

Please support us and this magnificent event by Sponsoring / Donating or by way of Raffle Prizes.

We would love to hear from any Individual or Company that can help us with our ventures.




Thank You!